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Patient- and Family-Centered Care

Accomplishments of the Patient & Family Advisor Councils

Participation in hospital committees:

  • Monthly Staff Meetings
  • Steering Committees
  • Patient Satisfaction Teams
  • JDCH Rapid Response Team
  • JDCH Bereavement Committee
  • Hand Hygiene Team
  • JDCH Diabetes Committee
  • JDCH Quality Care Council
  • JDCH/MRH Transition Committee
  • MRH/JDCH Performance Improvement & Risk Management Team

Review of hospital materials:

  • Revision of the Mission Statement for Memorial Healthcare System
  • JDCH Asthma Pathway for patients and families
  • Quiet Time at Nine posters and flyers
  • JDCH PICU family & visitor control
  • JDCH PICU parent information guide
  • Expansion of patient white boards to include family notes section
  • Review of volunteer orientation materials
  • Review and suggestions for forms regarding medications
  • Revisions to Patient Information materials, brochures and pamphlets
  • Systemwide brochure for PFCC advisors
  • Review of patient discharge folders and consultation on the patient discharge process related to HCAHPS at MHW
  • Review of the Patient & Visitors Guide
  • Review of safety flyer

Family as faculty:

Family members of patients help teach new employees and existing staff by "telling their stories" in person or on video, describing their healthcare experiences in ways that help support and improve family-centered practices at our facilities.

Examples include

  • Presentations at the International Family-Centered Care Conference
  • Presentations at Memorial Healthcare System's orientations for new employees
  • Serving on panels for the education of Memorial Healthcare System staff
  • Serving on a sickle cell conference panel

Contribution of insights on many different initiatives and new programs, including:

  • Development and distribution of "Ask the Doctor" pads to families
  • Creation of Youth Advisory Council – Teen Nights
  • Safety information for patients and families
  • Patient satisfaction questions
  • Focus group on clinical informatics IT systems
  • Focus group on website design
  • Advising the disaster training team on unique considerations for patients with special needs
  • Focus group on the theme of the new children's hospital & way finding
  • FAC booths at health fairs & special needs fairs
  • Palliative Care Program strategic planning
  • Outpatient satisfaction team improvement projects
  • Transitions team planning
  • Participation in the redesign of the outpatient pharmacy
  • Providing input into the Standards of Behavior
  • Planning the Pediatric Newborn Welcome Center at Primary Care Clinics
  • Attendance at a Broward County Transit hearing concerning a proposal to cut the bus routes that access Memorial Regional Hospital, Memorial Regional Hospital South and South Broward Community Health Services
  • Design and development of Patient and Family Resource Centers
  • Design teams for new hospital buildings and rooms