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Patient Billing

Thank you for choosing the Memorial Healthcare System ("Memorial") for your healthcare needs. We make every effort to always provide the very best healthcare to you and your family.

If you do not have health insurance, we have several programs that can help you. You need to fill out a few forms to help us provide you with the best program for your financial needs. If you did not have a chance to talk with us while you were here, please call our patient financial services team at (954) 276-5501 and they can help you with the forms. You can also come to our office in Miramar to discuss your bill. The address is 2900 Corporate Way and we are just west of Palm Avenue on the north side of the Miramar Parkway.

About 10 days after your visit, we will send you a letter with a summary of the Hospital charges for your visit. The letter will show the billing information we used to send your claim. Please carefully review the insurance information on the letter . If it is not correct, please call Memorial's patient financial services team at (954) 276-5501. We will correct the information and resend it to your insurance.

Please be aware that Doctor charges are not part of your hospital bill. The doctors who treat you will bill you or your insurance company for payment. You should call the doctor if you have any questions about their bill.

Most insurance companies pay within 30 – 60 days. We will wait about 60 days before sending you a statement. Please contact your insurance company if your statement does not show that a payment has been received from them . Your insurance company may need information that only you or your doctor can provide before they are able to pay. Please provide this information as quickly as possible to your insurance company so they can pay on your claim.

Once we have received a payment from your insurance company, we will check to see if they have paid the correct amount. If the amount is correct, we will send you a bill requesting payment.

If your insurance company does not pay correctly, we may file an appeal for you. The appeal process can take a very long time. In the event your insurance company corrects their payment, we will send a bill to you for any remaining balance.

If you have questions about your bill or are unable to pay any balance in full, please call our patient financial services team at (954) 276-5501. They will be happy to answer any questions that you have and can also help you set up a payment plan. Thank you for allowing Memorial to be a part of your healthcare family.