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Memorial Physician Group

Many Minds. One Group.

Memorial Physician Group is a network of more than 180 highly skilled Memorial Healthcare System-employed physicians who provide leading-edge patient- and family-centered care that's close to home.

Our growing multi-specialty practice comprises nationally recognized medical professionals across 43 adult and pediatric specialties and subspecialties who focus on quality, safety, service and value.

Why Choose a Memorial Physician Group Doctor?

As part of one of the largest public healthcare systems in the United States, our team consists of some of the nation's top doctors, we care for patients in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment with a goal of providing the best possible outcomes.
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Memorial Physician Group Welcomes...

  • Amir Goldenberg, MD Amir Goldenberg, MD Internal Medicine, South Broward Community Health Services View profile
  • Stefanie Torres Ramirez, MD Stefanie Torres Ramirez, MD Critical Care Medicine View profile
  • Danijela Levacic, MD Danijela Levacic, MD Neuro-Oncology Specialist View profile
  • Othon Wiltz, MD Othon Wiltz, MD Medical Director, Colon and Rectal Surgery View profile
  •  Virmarie Quinones-Pagan, MD Virmarie Quinones-Pagan, MD Pediatric Rehabilitation View profile
  • Helen-Valentine Chukwu, DO Helen-Valentine Chukwu, DO Internal Medicine View profile
  • Paula A. Eckardt, MD Paula A. Eckardt, MD Medical Director, Memorial Division of Infectious Disease View profile
  • Seda Suvag, MD Seda Suvag, MD General Endocrinologist View profile
  • David M. Rube, MD David M. Rube, MD Psychiatry View profile
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Woman gets Broward's first adult heart transplant

Marina Alix's gravely ill heart was on the verge of giving up, but a team of doctors at Memorial Regional Hospital didn't. When a donor came through, they gave her a new chance at life through a healthy heart transplant.

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Specialized Congenital Heart Defects Care

Memorial Cardiac & Vascular Institute Performs Broward's First Adult Heart Transplant

Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute at Memorial Regional Hospital made history by performing the first ever, adult heart transplant in Broward County.

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