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Memorial Breast Cancer Center is On Your Side

Terry knew she needed a strong team on her side when she was faced with breast cancer, but she didn't expect her Memorial Breast Cancer Center physicians to be so ready to fight.

"The minute I was diagnosed, the team of doctors was just all over me and could not have been more supportive," Terry said. "They explained everything I needed to know, and are just an amazing group of people."

Terry's doctors included Alejandra Perez, MD, director of Memorial Breast Cancer Center and a breast medical oncologist; Phyllis Neimark, MD, medical director of breast surgical oncology; Srinath Sundararaman, MD, radiation oncologist; and Jonathan Weiser, MD, plastic surgeon.

Through chemo, surgery and radiation, Terry's breast cancer became history.

"Every day I know I made the right choice, coming to Memorial," she said. "The doctors stood by me every appointment, every treatment. When I didn't feel well, there was never a hesitation about seeing me."

Terry's mother stood by her during every appointment as well.

"What I remember about Terry was her positive attitude throughout treatment," said Dr. Perez. "She had no bad days and was always ready for the next step, always smiling. She also had great support from her mom and friends, which makes a big difference."

And with Memorial Cancer Institute on her side, Terry felt like she was surrounded by family.

"Every time I see a doctor, I don't think they are thinking about anybody but me and my treatment and what is best for me. They treat you like family and make you feel like you are the most important person in their world at that moment."


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