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Cardiac Patient Bypasses His Fears, Thanks to His Memorial Doctor

During his regular physical examination, 69-year-old Ted felt generally healthy with no complaints. As is common, Ted's family physician referred him to a cardiologist for a routine electrocardiogram, echocardiogram and stress test. Since he had always been healthy, Ted and his family were not overly worried.

But when the results came back, the cardiologist was very concerned and recommended a cardiac catheterization to better diagnose Ted's condition.

"I had no symptoms, felt well and had never been seriously ill or hospitalized," says Ted. "On the outside, I was the picture of good health. But inside, I was terrified."

Ted refused catheterization, so his cardiologist prescribed medication to try to manage his heart condition. A year later, a follow-up stress test showed no signs of improvement. In fact, the results were even more alarming. Anxious over the procedure and the potential outcome, Ted reluctantly agreed to the cardiac catheterization. Unfortunately, the results showed blockages in all three main arteries. Surgery was next.

"I was shocked," says Ted. "One artery was completely blocked and two others had significant blockages as well. I would need triple bypass surgery in order to survive."

Anxious and frightened, Ted was relieved to have his fears put to ease after meeting Michael Cortelli, MD,Chief of Adult Cardiac Surgery at Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute.

‘Compassionate, Confident and Reassuring’

"Dr. Cortelli was everything I needed – compassionate, confident and reassuring," says Ted. "He took his time explaining everything to me and my wife. By the time we left our meeting, my surgery was scheduled. I was ready."

Ted underwent triple bypass surgery at the Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute at Memorial Regional Hospital. A leader in cardiovascular care in South Florida, Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute offers a full array of services dedicated to the prevention, detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute is committed to providing care that is patient-focused, safe, compassionate, comprehensive and coordinated.

"My fears were unwarranted and I wish I'd had the cardiac catheterization earlier. The blockages could have then been corrected sooner," says Ted. "Dr. Cortelli was amazing. I think of him as 'Dr. Golden Hands' because just a few days after triple bypass, I was in no pain and ready for discharge."

Ted is now fully recovered and back at work. Family members say looking at him today, you would never know he recently underwent triple bypass surgery.

"I expected so much pain and suffering, but thankfully, that just wasn't the case for me," says Ted. "I can't say enough wonderful things about the physicians, nurses and staff at the Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute. I made the right decision."


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