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Memorial's Comprehensive Blood Disorder Treatment Keeps
Patient Close to Home

Louise, 86, has myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a bone marrow disease that may cause anemia, heightened susceptibility to infection, and, in one-third of all patients, leukemia. Fortunately for Louise, Memorial Cancer Institute's Leukemia, Lymphoma and Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Program offers leading-edge treatment options. The only comprehensive blood cancer treatment center in Broward and Palm Beach counties, it is staffed by physicians with fellowship training from some of the nation's finest university cancer centers.

Three times a week, Louise's granddaughter Jackie takes her to Memorial Regional Hospital for injections of amifostine, which stimulates the production of healthy blood cells. On days when her blood count needs an extra boost, a blood transfusion is administered, too. Each outpatient visit can last for hours, but the time passes quickly because of the easy rapport between Louise, Jackie and the staff.

"The nurses always have a smile for us, and they're available to help us at the drop of a hat," says Jackie, 30. "They're the right people to have in this environment. You get to know them personally."

A Community Taking Care of Its Own

"Our goal in creating the Leukemia, Lymphoma and BMT Program was to give patients in our community access to a huge support system of specialists and a broad range of treatment options," says Louise's physician, Lyle Feinstein, MD, Director of the BMT Program.

"I like him because he's always up on things. He's thorough and knowledgeable, but never an alarmist," says Louise.

"He's also very personable and funny," says Jackie. "My grandmother is so loyal to him."

A Florida native, Dr. Feinstein brings a special brand of empathy to his practice because he himself is a childhood leukemia survivor. Today, one of his best friends and colleagues at the BMT program is Allen Greenberg, MD, the very same physician who diagnosed and treated him years ago when fewer treatment options were available locally. For Louise, it's a comfort to know Memorial Healthcare System now offers so many specialized services.

Louise and her husband, Carmelo, moved from Massachusetts to Florida 58 years ago, and they've lived in their current Hollywood home for the past 40 years.

"It's great to see how the hospital has grown," she says. "Memorial provides wonderful care – close to my home and family."


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