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Triple Bypass at Memorial Restores Loving Grandfather's Health and Energy

For several years, Jeffry suffered from crippling angina. The 55-year-old grandfather of five had a heart attack in 2004, which was treated by opening blockages of 90 percent in one artery and 80 percent in another with balloons. Four metal stents were inserted to hold the arteries open. His angina improved but did not resolve, so in 2006 three more stents were added.

Then in 2007, Jeffrys daughter nearly died from complications due to pregnancy. Jeffry quit his job at a building superintendent in New Jersey, and he and his wife relocated to South Florida to help her. Fortunately, she and the baby are fine, but Jeffry continued to suffer the effects of his heart disease.

In August 2008, he took a treadmill test and failed miserably.

"I was only on the treadmill for five minutes," he says.

His cardiologist felt he was a candidate for open heart surgery and referred him to Memorial Healthcare System's Cardiac and Vascular Institute.

"I told them to do whatever needs to be done," Jeffry recalls.

Surgeons performed a triple bypass using arteries from Jeffry's leg to reroute blood around the stented arteries. A few days after the surgery, Jeffry took another treadmill test and passed with flying colors. Five days later, he was discharged home to a pain-free life.

Pain-Free and Feeling Awesome

"I feel good now. I'm not sedentary, so sometimes I get a little discomfort when I mow the grass, but not like before. When my body says 'hey,' I stop and take measures to relax," he says. Jeffry is taking his heart and blood pressure medications as prescribed, and he feels well enough to go back to work.

He was eager to share his story with other patients, because he realizes his experience could put others at ease.

"I dont mind admitting I was really scared," Jeffry says. "The surgery wasnt easy, and I wouldn't want to do it again, but the results were worth it. I feel awesome!"

Jeffry thanks Memorial for his good health – and so do his grandchildren.

"I love my grandbabies! I appreciate them so much, and was worried I wasnt going to be able to spend time with them. But everything is going smoothly now," he says.


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