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South Broward Community Health Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I received a letter saying my membership with SBCHS is ending on March 31st. Why did I receive that letter?
You received this letter because the amount of money that you earn qualifies for to get insurance coverage with the Health Insurance Exchange. SBCHS membership is only available for people who do not qualify for insurance coverage. You may use this insurance coverage to obtain services at Memorial facilities. However, you can only get healthcare services at South Broward Community Health Services under certain plans. See below.

What happens if I do not sign up for the Health Insurance Exchange by March 30, 2014?
You will no longer be able to have clinic membership for your Memorial healthcare services.

How do I sign up for coverage?
Go to healthcare.gov and for Spanish speakers go to cuidadodesalud.gov or call 1-800-318-2596.

What Health Insurance Exchange plans the clinic contracted with?
You can see a full list all of the contracted plans offering insurance coverage at www.SBCHS.net. As of January 3, 2014, SBCHS has only contracted with Humana and Molina, but there may be other plans in the future.

Can I stay with the clinic if I have insurance?
Yes, but only if your insurance plan is one that SBCHS has contracted with. See the question above to find out what plans qualify. You may additionally qualify for financial assistance.

If I pick a plan with a high deductible is there any financial assistance available?
Yes, your current financial status for assistance on any patient balance will remain the same until a year after your last evaluation.

How do I know what plan to pick?
That is a matter of individual choice. The government website lists people who can help ("patient navigators") in your area that can help you sign up for the coverage that meets your needs or you can go to healthcare.gov and for Spanish speakers go to cuidadodesalud.gov or call 1-800-318-2596.

I received a letter saying my clinic membership is not ending. Do I still have to sign up for the Health Insurance Exchange?
If your income has changed since your last evaluation and you are now earning more than 100% of the federal poverty guidelines you will need to sign up for coverage.

Can I still come to the clinic?
Yes, if you choose Humana or Molina for one of our contracted Health Exchange insurance plans for coverage.

How do I qualify for a subsidy on the cost for the healthcare plan I choose?
There are subsidies for individuals and families with incomes from 100% to 400% of the federal poverty guidelines. The website calculates your subsidy based on your expected 2014 income.