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Standard One: RESPECTFUL


Respect all individuals and treat them with dignity and compassion.

  • Show patience / allow necessary time
  • Use AIDET — Acknowledge, Introduce, establish a Duration, provide an Explanation, and say Thank you
  • Escort visitors and patients to their destination*
  • Place electronic communication devices on vibrate mode

Respect the expertise that everyone brings to Memorial Healthcare System.

  • Welcome new colleagues
  • Listen respectfully to others

Respect the individuality, privacy and dignity of everyone.

  • Knock before entering
  • Maintain and protect patients' dignity, modesty, and confidentiality
  • Use elevator etiquette; allow patients and visitors to enter and leave first
  • Keep all interactions professional and positive
  • Use telephone etiquette by answering
    professionally and within three rings*
  • Refrain from criticizing others or MHS in front of patients and visitors

Respect the diversity of all individuals.

  • Be empathetic / show concern
  • Honor patient's definition of family
  • Welcome family members
  • Honor patient's preference regarding family involvement in their healthcare
  • Honor patient's cultural and religious beliefs