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Seven Pillars of Excellence

All employees at Memorial Healthcare System (MHS) function together as one team to reach the goal of providing very good care to our patients. No matter what our job responsibility, each one of us is just as important as the next. We will strive to be number one in the eyes of our customers.

By incorporating these behaviors into daily practice,
we will also be meeting the seven pillars of excellence as established by our healthcare system:

  • Safety
    MHS will be a nationally recognized organization for positive clinical and non-clinical outcomes.
  • Quality
    MHS will continue to deliver quality services and be able to measure that quality against the nation's top performers.
  • Service
    A strong and positive image of MHS service excellence will exist with our customers: patients, families, community, physicians, and hospital staff.
  • People
    Our patient, staff and physician satisfaction will be very high and will be a result of a strong commitment to teamwork. MHS will be the hospital of choice for employment in our community.
  • Finance
    MHS will maintain financial success.
  • Growth
    MHS will become a regional provider in healthcare.
  • Community
    Physicians, patients, and other organizations will actively seek our services.
    We will be the hospital of choice and will continue to meet the growing needs of our community. We will improve the health status of the community.