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The Miami Herald (Editorial Board Opinion) – No Sale: South Broward Hospital District should retain public status
In the last days of this year's session, the Florida Legislature adopted a measure that puts public hospitals on the auction block. On June 20, residents of Broward County have a chance to tell officials that they want to keep Memorial Healthcare System public because there is simply no compelling reason to change its status… In addition to the absence of any clear and compelling reason to sell a successful public hospital system that does not burden the public with heavy taxes, there are reasons to question whether this is an unwarranted giveaway to private hospitals. Having the bill signed into law by a governor who was once a private hospital entrepreneur only raises more questions and strengthens the case for a definite No Sale.
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Sun-Sentinel (Editorial Board Opinion) Memorial Hospital Aces Any Test
The Memorial Healthcare System is not for sale, but the state of Florida isn't taking any chances. It's forcing the South Broward hospital chain to determine the benefits of selling or leasing its facilities – even if no such deal is in the works. Blame that on HB 711, a bill that sailed through the Florida Legislature and was signed by Gov. Rick Scott. The bill mandates every public hospital chain and health district determine the value of its facilities, and if the evaluation shows that operating the hospital is no longer in the public's interest, sets up provisions to find qualified buyers or lessees. Memorial Hospital is nowhere near that point and has no reason to go there. The hospital has one of the best operations in the state. More important, it has the confidence of the businesses, nonprofits and taxpayers that support it, and the residents who rely on its services. If there was ever a hospital that fit the adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," this is the one.
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South Florida Hospital News: Memorial Healthcare System and 2011 ... A Year of Growth and Great Opportunities
It has been an historic year for Memorial Healthcare System, starting with the opening of the new Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital – the first, free-standing pediatric hospital in Broward County –and moving ahead with a poignant vote in which the South Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners adopted the lowest millage rate in its history, a 41 percent decrease from the previous year.
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South Florida Hospital News: Nursing at Memorial Regional Hospital – It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!
Nursing care is the most important aspect of any patient and family experience during their inpatient and outpatient hospital experience. At Memorial Regional Hospital, our nurses provide the best nursing care around. This experience can be measured by our nurses' caring touch, their friendly smile, their clinical expertise and their commitment to our patients and their families.
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5/15/2012 – Advance for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine – Adult-Free Zone. Sports medicine program targets adolescent injuries
U18 Sports Medicine-a comprehensive sports medicine program for pediatric, adolescent and young adult patients-is poised to meet this increased demand. The multidisciplinary program encompasses sports injury prevention and operative and non-operative treatment by pediatric orthopedic surgeons from Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital as well as diagnostic imaging, including MRI and X-rays, and rehabilitation services at each of its locations in Miramar and Coral Springs, FL. [Read More...]

5/2012 – Today's Facility Manager – Hospital Case Study: Comfort Level
The design of the new Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital supports its healthcare mission. [Read More...]

5/21/2012 – Advance for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine – Jockey recovers from a spinal cord injury with help of dedicated therapists
Lopez suffered minor injuries but Coa fractured the C-4 vertebrae in his spine along with his right wrist, left shoulder and left collarbone. After being admitted to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, FL, Coa was diagnosed a complete quadriplegic and given little hope for ever walking again. The native Venezuelan underwent two neurosurgeries during a two-week period at Memorial Regional Hospital before being released to The Rehabilitation Institute of South Florida at Memorial Regional Hospital South for extensive rehabilitation. True to his word, the 40-year-old veteran rider walked through the front doors of Memorial Regional Hospital South six weeks later, without assistance. [Read More...]

5/13/2012 – The Miami Herald (special health section) – Stroke centers help patients recover day-to-day skills
When it comes to strokes, "time is brain." That's the adage healthcare professionals use to describe the importance of treating strokes quickly to reduce their effects. A stroke, or "brain attack," occurs when a clot blocks blood to the brain, causing brain cells to die. Lasting effects – such as speech impairment, memory loss and balance or vision issues – depend on where in the brain a clot occurs. "We integrate the whole rehabilitation process extremely early," sometimes within one day of the stroke, said Dr. Alan Novick, the rehabilitative medical director for Memorial. [Read More...]

5/13/2012 – The Miami Herald (special health section) – For childhood strokes, time is critical
Greta Gillis never imagined her 6-year-old daughter would suffer a stroke. But during a visit to the beach last summer, the kindergartner started showing the telltale signs. Kendall was treated at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. First, the doctors put her into a coma to slow her brain function. Five days later, they removed the malformation that had caused Kendall's brain to hemorrhage. Within eight weeks, a period of which involved in-patient therapy, Kendall was able to leave the hospital. "That hospital saved her life," Greta Gillis said. [Read More...]