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Coalition for a Healthy South Broward

Established more than 15 years ago, the Coalition for a Healthy South Broward is facilitated by Memorial Healthcare System to ensure community involvement in a wide variety of quality-of-life-improvement efforts. 

Today the vision and purpose of the Coalition for a Healthy South Broward continues to provide residents, agencies, business leaders, community-based organizations and other interested parties an opportunity to discuss issues, develop local strategies and share information for quality-of-life improvements in south Broward County. Often the Coalition serves as a transition between regional countywide efforts and local efforts. Quality-of-life issues may include health, safety, education, environment, transportation, human services, economic, family, employment, neighborhood, government and more.

Membership in the Coalition has grown to more than 200 members representing more than 50 agencies. Coalition meetings, held every fourth Thursday of the month, offer a much-needed forum where community leaders collaborate on needs and resources. It is not unusual to see an elected official speaking to a leader from a faith-based organization in a nearby city, the presidents of neighborhood associations discussing different approaches to similar problems, or the coordinator of the Memorial’s Children’s Mobile Health Center informing residents about immunizations.

Meetings are open to the public and feature speakers on topics of community interest:

Coalition for a Healthy South Broward meets:
Every fourth Thursday of the month
Memorial Youth Services Center
7031 Taft Street
Hollywood, FL 33024