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Memorial Healthcare System Dedicated to Providing Community-Based Healthcare

Beyond the extraordinary healthcare and medical advances that South Floridians have come to expect, Memorial Healthcare System reaches out to its community through a thriving network of programs and initiatives that touch the lives of more than 300,000 Broward County residents each year. This commitment to community-based healthcare is integral to Memorial's mission, vision and history and is the driving force behind every Memorial experience.

For almost two decades Memorial has assessed community health needs in three areas of action: prenatal, primary and child development care for lower-income, high-risk families; health promotion and disease prevention; and community living needs, including support for the chronically ill, the elderly and other vulnerable groups. Memorial created scores of programs and partnered with South Florida community organizations to address all three areas of need.


preserving communtity-based healthcare logoIf you've recently heard for the first time about a Memorial Healthcare System program that benefits our South Broward community, you may have found yourself thinking, "I didn't know that!"

That's why Memorial will send regular updates to all employees regarding initiatives and services that we provide, and which make South Florida an even better place to live.
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I learned to walk, talk and smile again at Memorial – Samir

Memorial truly showed us what patient- and family centered care is all about. – Dexter

I am grateful to Memorial for giving me hope and healing. – Adrian

I feel great for the first time in years, thanks to Memorial. – Peggy

I felt that your team truly put the 'care' into healthcare! – Leslie


Real People.
Real Stories. Meet people whose lives have been touched by The Memorial Experience.

Memorial Experience Letters

moreThe letters we receive from our patients and their loved ones remind us why we do what we do.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

We believe healthcare is a respectful partnership between patients, families and medical professionals.